Yvonne Rogers 'Induce 004'

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Yvonne Rogers 'Induce 004'

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We welcome Yvonne Rogers to Mayfair Galleries with her 'Induce' series encorporating the Gucci colourations throughout into simple but expressive forms of geometric stylisation. Yvonne brings a new breathe to simplicity but on a wall they give definition and bring energy throughout. As a large piece they can sit by themselves bringing focal to any room and if you're after subtle colours to enhance a bright space these are the pieces you want. As smaller pieces they compliment others when put side by side. Perfection sometimes comes from the simplest of forms.

Under glass or plastic the dimensions take place perfectly and edges become critical and 3d'esque'. The depth of field gets enhanced with darker colours becoming enhanced and deep; with the colourations taking a saturated tone bringing out a class like no other. As canvases these take a more matte luxury feel with it looking so good you want to touch it! Invest in Yvonne and make a great investment into the future.
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