Mayfair x Batman Combo Set x 3 Pieces

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Curators Critique :


Our Combo sets are perfect if you want a large more focal effect in your space. With our combo sets you don't just save on price but you save on needing to purchase other interior aesthetics. They really do bring any room out and can add high amounts of ambience that you are searching for. With our combo sets they come in 3 ready to hang canvases which together make a great compliment for any room. In terms of sizing the sizes are for the finished canvas size of one piece so remember to times the width by 3 to get the real end size of the combo set itself.
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Limited Edition Print Size : 75/75*

Comes with Full Official Authentication & Certificate

*Exclusive to Mayfair Editions - once sold will not be reproduced

We’ve teamed up with onetreeplanted to give back to the environment. We believe in sustainability through out the world and a percentage from every sale from Mayfair Galleries gets given to planting a new tree

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