Mayfair Galleries Gift Voucher

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Mayfair Galleries Gift Voucher

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Mayfair Galleries Gift Voucher


Stuck on what to choose your loved ones? Need something quick and easy.. something that they will actually love? Look no further than a gift voucher to spend in our store on anything that is in stock. What better way to give then to give a gift of art. That piece of art will be seen everyday and loved and cherished and remind them of you. So there's no better present than one of our gift vouchers!

Each Gift voucher can be customed to the receiver

This gift voucher can be used on numerous pieces that sums up equal to the total of the gift voucher

Comes sealed in a envelope

We’ve teamed up with onetreeplanted to give back to the environment. We believe in sustainability through out the world and a percentage from every sale from Mayfair Galleries gets given to planting a new tree

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hard to resist..