Henrietta Thomas 'Sit Til We Drift'

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Henrietta Thomas 'Sit Til We Drift'

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Curators Critique :


When there is talent on the horizon like Henrietta Thomas; why would you look anywhere else. Thomas takes her series encorporating the blend of perfect painting with a blend of colours that can bring life and ambience into any room. The key to her work is that there is always just enough. Nothing to dramatic or fierce; which makes her work a delight to stare at for hours

Under glass or plastic the blacks stand out and edges become defined and clinical with the lighter colours taking on a brighter more luxurious effect. As a large print these pieces can become focal points for any room. As a canvas the piece takes on a more fresh matte look with a blend that is clean and incredibly put together. #inspireyourself and invest in the future of modern art
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