Gianluca Gariboldi 'Terra Firma Army 1%'

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Gianluca Gariboldi 'Terra Firma Army 1%'

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Curators Critique :

One of our favourite gallery artists Gianluca Gariboldi is back with his second series to date titled 'Terra Firma Army' Taking the essence from his first series we see a military stylisation going down with his trademark bullet holes plastered across luxurious objectifactions. As a large piece these are simply stunning! They can bring attention into the forecourt and can set a rooms tone perfectly. As smaller pieces they can sit together or can be used to compliment others in your space already. Multi useable pieces - Simply fantastic!

Under plastic / glass these pieces take a new element with corners taking on a crisp sharpness and a overall 3D depth is produced. The colours sit perfectly in the background to let his main focal subject shine through. As a canvas Gariboldi's pieces take on a luxurious matte finish and the colours that are drawn through are subtle and pastel based if anything. Great pieces from a uniquely talented artist; #inspireyourself and invest in your future today


Limited Edition Print Size : 75/75*

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