Denzel Banan 'Troop it up'

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Denzel Banan 'Troop it up'

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Curators Critique :

  We all want a trooper in our home right? Well; We welcome Denzel Banan to Mayfair Galleries and with it we bring in the graffiti style behind the genius of these pieces. Full of expression energy and colour, Denzel pieces aren't for the light hearted. His pieces are passionate, pure and intense through out. As the larger pieces you need to see them up close and in real to really see how talented Denzel is. It's simply incredible! The smaller pieces can compliment well and can again bring out a new ambience to any space.

Under glass/plastic the piece becomes vibrant and the depth of field is enhanced with the darker tones coming throug. The energy is fullfilled to the max with deep contrast and saturation - It's simply stunning what is achieved. As a canvas the colours are to die for with a luxury matte finish taking place encapsulating the pure talent that is shown through the pieces. Denzel is like no other and has already been tipped for stardom throughout the art world; so invest well into the future and #inspireyourself


Limited Edition Print Size : 75/75*

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