David Cormier 'Set it Off Chanel'

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David Cormier 'Set it Off Chanel'

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Curators Critique :

We're delighted to bring you an incredible and a true exclusive to Mayfair Editions - The 'Set it Off' series from international artist David Cormier. Cormier emerges as one of the brightest talents with his work being displayed in over 4 continental galleries right now with celebrity endorsement on the west coast of United States. Cormier's work takes luxurious aspects and mixes them into his unique style involving militarily fascination.
Each grenade holds a different type of luxury ready literally to 'set off'.

The key to Cormier's work is detail, simplicity and a beautiful concept blend throughout. White backgrounds bring the focal object right to the foreground and under glass or plastic this depth of field is enhanced even more; resulting in a more powerful print visual. On canvas the colours are intense and sharpness is high with tones and highlights sitting perfectly. Cormier's talent is the perfect addition for any space. A true investment for the future. Available for trade enquiries please contact us


Limited Edition Print Size : 50/50*

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*Exclusive to Mayfair Editions - once sold will not be reproduced

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