Dave Robertson 'shelter from the storm'

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Dave Robertson 'shelter from the storm'

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Dave Robertson's Bio

“I have an intuitive approach to painting, relying on my ability to react
to whatever marks, gestures or brush strokes I made previously.
I paint, then react to what is in front of me, attempting to discover what the painting is trying to say to me. I work in this way on several paintings
at the same time, operating with varying degrees of confidence and clumsiness and then I leave the paintings to rest for some time, after
which I revisit them and work on them until completion.

I am interested in conveying presence and energy onto the canvas – converting something inert into something that can be responded to emotionally. During this process it is my relationship with people that have the biggest influence on what finally settles on the canvas in front of me.

 My intention is for the completed paintings to influence the viewer in
the same way the artworks influenced me; that the viewer becomes
more aware of their own individuality, appreciating their own

Cape Town based visual artist Dave Robertson has been producing artwork and exhibiting since the mid 90’s. Initially known for his photographic work, he has exhibited at several galleries in Germany,
USA, the Netherlands and South Africa.

His first photographic book entitled, Plakkerskamp 2003-2012, documents a marginalized community in the Western Cape, over a nine year period. This book won a prize at the Lëtzebuerger Buchpräis 2013, a national book award ceremony, in Luxembourg.

At the Spier Contemporary 2010 competion, Robertson won an award for Paper Trails, a documentary photographic project focusing on informal recyclers in Newtown, Johannesburg.

Immediately following this achievement, he began to focus intensively on abstract painting. In 2011 he had his first solo exhibition of abstract paintings at Worldart gallery in Cape Town.


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