Daniel Cormier 'Attire : Explosion I'

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Daniel Cormier 'Attire : Explosion I'

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Curators Critique :

We're delighted to bring you the 2nd series to hit Mayfair Galleries by the sensation Daniel Cormier. Titled 'Attire : Explosion' we see a brand new style and a unique take on everyday luxurious objectifications mixed with the modern era of the explosive desire and hunger. Coming from a fine art photography background we can see his talent shine through in these limited editions. As larger pieces Cormier can take your room and transform it into a stylish fresh space straight from bland to grande. As smaller pieces these work superb together or as complimentary pieces to fit others already in your room. 

Under plastic / glass these pieces stand out with corners becoming critical and sharp and the contrast from the background to the subject taking a 3d effect through out. The colours stay in the tonal scale making them fit in any room on any colour wall. The canvases take a more overall luxurious matte take to the finish and the clip frames are already to hang up. #inspireyourself and invest in the future today


Limited Edition Print Size : 75/75*

Comes with Full Official Authentication & Certificate

*Exclusive to Mayfair Galleries - once sold will not be reproduced

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