Benny York 'Blaze VI'

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Benny York 'Blaze VI'

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Curators Critique :

One of our favourite gallery artist Benny York comes back in 2019 with his 3rd series titled 'Elusive' and we are delighted to have this creative talent on board. His abstract whirlwinds can entice, excite and draw in any viewer. The bold contrast makes the larger pieces true focal icons and the smaller can be used to add dimension to any space. Benny York is perfect at achieving this!

Under plastic / glass these pieces take a new element with corners taking on a crisp sharpness and a overall 3D depth is produced. The contrast in the tones make the pieces inviting and although not alot of colour is used it gives off a warmth thats unexplainable. As a canvas the blacks take a more matte effect with the overall finish a luxurious one. Great 3rd series from Benny York - If you love abstract then this is perfect for the future #inspireyourself


Limited Edition Print Size : 75/75*

Comes with Full Official Authentication & Certificate

*Exclusive to Mayfair Galleries - once sold will not be reproduced

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