Albe Cross 'Wonder Wonder'

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Albe Cross 'Wonder Wonder'

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Curators Critique :


When it comes to a clean individual style look no further than Albe Cross. If fun and quirky is what you're after with a sprinkle of freshness with clean lines; then invest in Albes' drawings today. We're delighted to bring this exclusive series to Mayfair Galleries and introduce to you to a unique style that can only be completed in such a fashion as Albe.

Albe's work sits perfectly under glass or plastic; with the prints really standing out with the high level of contrast from the main focal drawings to the clean white background. With clinical lines being created, the pieces stand out almost to a 3D aspect with the tri colourations pleasing to the eye. As a canvas the feel is luxury and the colours sit perfectly with tones matching and blending into a fuse for a style like no other #inspireyourself today with Cross' work


Limited Edition Print Size : 75/75*

Comes with Full Official Authentication & Certificate

*Exclusive to Mayfair Galleries - once sold will not be reproduced

We’ve teamed up with onetreeplanted to give back to the environment. We believe in sustainability through out the world and a percentage from every sale from Mayfair Galleries gets given to planting a new tree

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