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  • Birthdays & Events
  • Office / Workplace
  • Shop / Restaurants
  • Family & Friends
  • Mothers / Fathers Day
  • Anniversaries
  • Graduations
  • Pets & Critters
  • Send us a email with a small brief of your needs
  • Include images relative to the brief
  • Note down the exact size you wish for
  • We will deliver a quote back to you within 24 hours* If you need it for a specific time please note down this
  • Prints
    18x21" - £100 | $130
    24x32" - £200 | $260
    30x40" - $500 | $650
    Custom - Please contact us

    Pre assembled Canvas
    18x21" - £200 | $260
    24x32" - £300 | $390
    30x40" - £600 | $780

    Free Worldwide Delivery


    With Mayfair you can be assured that you will provide a show stopper piece for his/hers special day or maybe even for yourself!

    We make life easy by providing you the access to a creative mastermind to bring life into your ideas. All you need is the image you want transforming and the size you're after! then leave it upto Mayfair. We can ship direct to the receiver or to yourself


    Thanks again Mayfair for the awesome piece and friendly down to earth service. Great way to park you ZO6 at home like I’ve done!


    Commissioned a custom piece for my new shop and it's a total showstopper. When you see them in real life they really do blow you away


    Celebrating tonight in your work in your work, I love your work and I still wake up everyday with your Audemars Piguet piece above my head and it motivates me to go get it everyday! Really does work


    Artists - Services


    We develop strategies for artist that will help get their names out there. Dont become a sheep lost in the crowd but become a lion leading the pack. Our team is packed with experience so we can easily guide you in the right direction


    We have numerous monthly campaigns going out from collaborating with the biggest social media pages on the web to PPC campaigns to get you the very best exposure

    You Design
    we Print & Ship

    As an artist we know how important it is to keep focused on the main aspect.. which is your art! We take the stress away by marketing it, printing, packing and shipping it to your customers

    Web Hosting

    Why pay for a website with minimal views? We host our site with thousands of customers visiting every month. Dont add extra costs you dont need to


    It's hard getting to know us across a computer screen so here's some random facts about Mayfair Editions


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