There has never been a better time to sell your art work with the art industry booming at the minute. Art is being sold and bought by millions of people worldwide and we've come up with a place; a wonderland; where you can enjoy the benefits of the Mayfair Editions platform to sell your art for absolutely nothing. We don't ask for contracts or any fee to join. Being built from a mind of an artist, Mayfair Editions acts as a free platform for artists to sell limited edition prints of their artwork. We provide a safe, secure and well marketed art gallery store which will provide the artists the best opportunity to get their art off the ground. Start making money from the thing you love the most; Art.

"It's Never been easier with Mayfair Editions"

It really has never been easier to get access to an art marketplace to sell your art. The Mayfair Editions process is one that will provide you with the tools to spend time on your art and let us do the not so fun part. If you become part of the Mayfair Editions family every time you get a sale we will print, package and send your edition to your customer. You wont need to touch a thing except the 'accept' button on Paypal for your payment. Our highly trained and experienced staff will ensure your art is printed on the highest of polycotton (360gsm) and carefully packaged and sent out.


"We print, post & package for you"

Services - New Artists



We develop strategies for artist that will help get their names out there. Don't become a sheep lost in the crowd but become a lion leading the pack. Our team is packed with experience so we can easily guide you in the right direction



We have numerous monthly campaigns going out from collaborating with the biggest social media pages on the web to PPC campaigns to get you the very best exposure

Web Hosting


Why pay for a website with minimal views? We host our site with thousands of customers visiting every month. Don't add extra costs you don't need to

You Design..We Print & Ship


As an artist we know how important it is to keep focused on the main aspect.. which is your art! We take the stress away by marketing it, printing, packing and shipping it to your customers



Nothing to Lose

We go out to over 1 million people a month
We don't saturate our artists to maximise your potential. We offer a full process from print to delivery
With Mayfair Editions you can get higher prices for your work

Our Priorities

We make sure you always own full ownership and copyright rights of all your work submitted
Flexibility - No contracts or fees involved. You can pull out at any point