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We make it easy at Mayfair Galleries for you to transform your space. Our industry leading interior designers have grouped a selection of 'to buy looks' which work perfectly for any home or space. Hand picked from our feature artists we have the unique choice; stay original with your interior only in
"The Art Wonderland" NY TIMES


I’ve been a interior designer for over 10 years and this is my new little secret. Not only do my clients love the pieces, It’s the most original pieces I’ve found online! Love it!

Eleanor - New York

You guys didn’t just help me choose the art to change my space up, but told my friends about you and you transformed their homes too! Would highly recommend to anyone

Eva - London

If I could give you an 11/10 for service I really would. Friendly and quick staff and the updates for my delivery made me a customer for life. Faith in internet shopping restored

Lisa - Los Angeles

I just cant find art like this anywhere around me; It was a breathe of fresh air to have the most unique house amongst my family and friends. Thank you Mayfair Galleries!

Jonah - Stockholm

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We've delivered to over 101 countries worldwide. All our art is delivered from our Mayfair base and is delivered to your door. Free worldwide shipping available. You will get your tracking number to track your order all the way to your signature. Your job is to pick your art, not worry about delivery

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Stay on trend throughout the seasons with our leading interior designers picking the perfect colourations and tonings to keep your space on trend. No matter what season it is; we have you covered! Our art is scouted from all around the world; Stay unique to your transformation

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