An unprecedented online gallery showcasing the best of digital and modern artwork from around the globe, all carefully curated by Mayfair, the artist. 


This online gallery is a digital wonderland of spectacular art and creative expression that Mayfair, the artist, has chosen a selection of artists whose work will be featured alongside his own in the Mayfair Editions online art gallery. The finest names in all kinds of art, all displayed in one place, available to view and purchase from your computer, tablet or phone.

In May 2015, Mayfair, the artist, embarked on a new journey into contemporary artistry. He wanted to expand on the technical training he had received and explore both the classic and the digital aspects of artistry. Through this collaboration of techniques, he developed a style which has become instantly recognisable throughout the art world.

This has led to the work of Mayfair being sold and displayed in galleries worldwide, and those unfamiliar with the years of training and would consider him an overnight success.

"His individual style and popularity has made Mayfair an inspiration for aspiring, and already established digital and modern artists, and after being approached by many talented artists he decided to include others in his journey. A result of this is the Mayfair Editions online modern art gallery. A place so easily accessible and inclusive of so many styles, it is able to inspire people all over the globe. #InspireYourself and take a look around"





Mayfair is a contemporary modern artist dwelling in the luxurious momentum that everyone inspires to be or have. Mayfair's work has been described as expressionistic and as the new modern era bringing art up to scratch in the 21st century.

Mayfair's work is concerned with finding a visual equivalent to an emotional or spiritual state that characterised the expressionist movement in desire and inspiration. Resolving issues in modern art Mayfair has found himself exploring visualisation and de coding the means of what we see art as today. New stylisations mixed with perfect attention to detail; makes way for a chaotic yet pleasing visuals; something that many artists have failed to achieve. A catalogue of components for an optical experiment and experience.

With influences obtained from numerous angles of the modern era, Mayfair capulates the very meaning of materialism and idolisation. Mayfair reaches out to the very heart of peoples desire and inspires with abundance of creativity. Dealing with the ambiguous subtleties of the interplay of positive-negative space and creating involvement within a person, creating a forward driven thought process that makes his poetic, bold and creative use of design and colour. As such setting him apart from more conventional design of this era.